Estelle Bessin, CNVC certified trainer

Some family facets

I'm 53, I live in Provence in link with my 22, 20 and 12 year old daughters, my partner and his 4 children.


I'm one of those researcher-parents, dreaming of life serving education. For instance, I learnt sign language for babies, or learnt Montessori pedagogy.


Finally, our family started 18 years ago to take part in creating a co-housing, both for ecological motivations and for social link.

And then, personal facets, through 3 movers of my curiosity

First is an eye disease which led me to inner knowledge : somatic educational system, method for better eyesight, creative education, and NVC in 2001 !

Second is for 9 years, I loved discovering chinese language and culture. A few months ago, a Beijing inhabitant came to one of my trainings. After a 16 year long break, I found myself dreaming of going back there for NVC.

Third is that I discovered transition town. I saw many links with NVC principles, for instance interdependence. And I loved the energy it gave me to dare contributing more widely to social change.


Some professional facets

I used to be a town-planner for 15 years and a quality manager (7 years).

My goals

Today, I'm yearning for combining NVC with all those facets of my life, contributing to create life serving systems in the following fields  :

  • in us

  • couple's life

  • parenting and education

  • supporting people with handicap

  • networks of those who dream of and act for another world : co-housings and eco-villages, transition, and social and fair economy actors

  • town-planning, for creative preconcert

  • companies, mainly for quality process in order to see clients' complaints beautiful !

Currently, I'm giving the following trainings :